Reviews of Medical Treatment: Decisions and the Law, 3rd edition

If you will forgive us a little self-promotion, we are very grateful for the positive reviews so far garnered by the 3rd edition.

Alex Ruck-Keene, on his fantastic Mental Capacity Law and Policy blog, referred to our publication as “the authoritative practitioner text for medical treatment cases”.

He went on to note that:

“This book should therefore find its way speedily into the hands of Trust lawyers and those who advise Trusts and CCGs, so as to assist the further development of good practice. It should also find its way into the hands of anyone else who is concerned to understand how the law and medicine interact in practice.”

Hill Dickinson’s David Locke, writing in the New Law Journal, also praised “a wonderfully user-friendly, quick reference guide,” noting that “It is easily navigated, highly readable and therefore genuinely usable.” He concluded that:

“it can be a difficult argument nowadays to justify the purchase of anything as “old hat” as a book. However, this time when you e-mail across the electronic purchase request form to buy in a copy of Medical Treatment: Decisions and the Law, you will not be exaggerating when you claim it is “essential”.”

Should any further justification be necessary, readers of this blog can receive 15% off the cover price by entering the code TOMTDL15 when ordering the book here.